Learn about the federal reserve and how these people control the money system, and thus.. YOUR income.

Financial Fitness and The Financial Matrix

Discover How To Slay Your Debt and Win Freedom!

Learn How To:

  • How to Pay Down Debt Quickly
  • How to Finally Build Your Savings
  • How to Build a Solid Profitable Home Business
    ….. and more for the asking

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If You can’t grow a garden and preserve food, then there’s another option…

Prepare For the Worst, Hope For the Best!

Everything you need to be truly prepared, including food, a water filtration system, solar charging kit with batteries, stove and fire starter, and much more, The Ultimate Preparedness Kit is Patriot Supplys’ most complete preparedness kit ever. I love that there is a great company out there that helps us with a “back up” plan in case of emergencies.

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The Fibonacci Spiral is everywhere in nature. Coincidence?

Doing Health with Gardening and God!

We are all individually, physically, emotionally and mentally different. We are very Special in the eyes of God. Our world seems to have forgotten this and in many cases, attempts to devalue our individuality in all these areas. I think our connection to growing food is important to our individual physiology and healthful well-being. Food is our fuel and our medicine. Let’s explore some of that old timey wisdom that’s been lost in our modern farming factory systems.

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How Many Compartments Do You Put Your Life and Health Into?

Is Your Life divided up into compartments? Do you put your health into one compartment, your finances into another compartment and your family into yet another one? Do you further compartmentalize even those areas of your life into sub-compartments that you rationalize as being unrelated to each other?

Living a Whole and Healthy Life means that all parts of our lives are congruent with each other. If our lives are chaotic then we need to examine where the incongruity is and get it back into alignment. Well, that is, if you want to make your life one of peace and contentment..

Sometimes big changes have to be made in our lives to attain the kind of life we yearn for. And that’s a journey we can explore together in finances, family, freedom, faith and fun!

Let’s examine that one thing that touches ALL of our lives…

Finances… the money thing.

Believe this… There is a way to get free financially. While it’s true that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ and ‘you can’t take it with you when you die’ and all those other cliches, it’s also true that poverty isn’t fun either. Being free of debt and being able to provide what is needed for your familys’ well-being is honorable. Work together with other like minded people to secure your future!

Save Money, Make Money and Get Free of Debt.