I Love all things gardening.  Living in Canada, we tend to garden in a frenzy as we’ve got about 4 to 5 short months to plant, grow and harvest.. so it’s understandable that we’re somewhat compulsive when planning our gardens.  And perennially jealous of our neighbours to the south who can grow so many more things for much longer time periods of the year.

But no matter.. being out in the garden tending to those veggies, pulling some weeds and watching the flowers grow while the birds twitter and the bees buzz… well, that’s just Heaven on Earth!


My passion is gardening, but my profession has primarily been in administration and finance.  I tend to see, more and more, a huge deficit in the knowledge required to handle finances well.  Some schools have a budgeting class, but aside from that, there is no real knowledge of how the financial systems work, and how to make money, save money and build wealth.  We’re taught to be employees, not entrepreneurs!

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, talks about the importance of learning how to think differently than what you’ve been taught, if you want to get rich.  We need to teach people how to be entrepreneurs and all that entails financially.  The journey begins with knowledge and acting on that knowledge.  My new journey is to teach this.

God provided everything in Nature for our good health… and much good information for our prosperity.. it’s up to us to use that responsibly or not. Here’s to your good health in every area of your life! ~Callie

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