WELCOME to Healthy and Well

WELCOME to Healthy and Well.ca!!

Being Healthy consists of much more than eating good food and getting exercise.  While those two things are very important in maintaining physical health, other aspects of a Healthy life encompass mental health, financial health, environmental health and social Health.

You’ll find pages on this blog dealing with each of those areas of ‘Health’ and my aim is to give HOPE to those who are struggling with any of those areas in their lives.

My main concern is Financial Health and specifically, The Financial Matrix that is intentionally designed to keep “the masses” deeply in debt and always broke.  We can all agree that Money shouldn’t be the most important aspect of your life, but we also know that money touches most areas of peoples lives, and lack of money causes undue stress and hardship.

>>If you don’t have enough money in your grocery budget to buy healthy, nutritious foods, then all-around health suffers.

>>If you don’t have enough money to purchase much needed medicine, then all-around health suffers.

>>If you don’t have enough money to pay for a decent accommodations, then all-around health suffers.

You get the idea.  Living on the edge or below the edge of financial wellness creates a LOT of problems in society and for individuals.  Poverty does no one any good.  There is a Financial Fitness the Solution!

So as this web blog is built out, I’ll provide information and solutions to help solve basic financial problems, and will also have pages with great info on healthy foods, recipes, gardening tips for flowers, veggies and herbs.  I’ll scope out and have different pages for ‘good science’ diets, with videos and resources to help you sort through that chaff as well.

There are Millions of people buried in debt and literally drowning in despair... a slave to the lender.  We’ll tackle that to get you FREE so that you can live a healthier life… a life you’ve always wanted but stopped dreaming you could have!

So let’s get started, shall we?   The Financial Matrix page.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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