Planning, action and follow through will create abundance in your life. Don’t be afraid to start. I built this greenhouse at the age of 58.. with a little help from my friends and family. Dream it, Do it.

As an avid gardener, it’s common knowledge that you must feed the soil if you want healthy plants. Healthy soil = Healthy plants = Healthy food. That adage points out the fact that you must start at the source… the base. That holds true in all areas of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial… EVERY area of your life needs a good healthy BASE.

Welcome to Healthy and Well. I’ll try not to bore you with wordy drivel and get right to the point… but I can’t promise. 😉

I was trained in business from high school and studied accounting with a love/hate for it, and fell into the world of finance and banking in my first career. The OCD part of me liked the order of numbers and helping people, but being a creative soul I yearned to make things and create beauty. So off I went to culinary school and apprenticed as a Pastry chef/Baker. It was fun. I loved it. Growing up on a farm this career melded very well with my love of gardening. You learn nutrition almost through osmosis when you’re growing things to eat. Over the years of raising a family and watching the evolution of monster agriculture, I see more than ever the need to help people re-learn and value the process of growing your own chemical free, monster free food… and flowers.. and then saving seeds for the next year!

With my financial background, managing a household and small home business, I know firsthand the dangers of debt and how it can rob you of peace of mind and the ability to prosper if not handled correctly. I know this from experience.. painful experience. My heart now pulls me in the direction of helping those who are trapped in debt, to find their way out. Debt is unnecessary in the majority of our lifes decisions whether you realize it or not.

You have been trained by the financial system to believe debt is necessary. If you doubt me, just look at the push towards getting your children in high school hooked on having a credit card!! If you start with a good financial plan young enough, and follow good financial principals throughout your life, you never have to get into debt!!

The Financial Freedom section on this website, as it’s name suggests, will outline principals and techniques to use in your journey to being Debt Free and building wealth. On other pages I’ll share some of my favourite resources for gardening and community, but bear in mind that I live in Atlantic Canada, so some of the resources may not be applicable for you,

So, I want to get this disclosure out of the way right off the bat. I will always be truthful and upfront with you. I want to provide really great information that will be helpful, informative and maybe even entertaining at times. Most links in titles will take you to other pages on this website but please be aware that many inline links that reference something specific will usually go to a product or service that I found valuable and want to share with you. Those are called affiliate links. Practically ALL websites on the internet have links to products/services and my links are primarily affiliate. If you go to one of those product pages and make a purchase, it may (or may not) generate a commission for me on that sale. I like the affiliate option for generating income on my site as I don’t have to inventory products and it gives total freedom to the my readers.. you can click or not click depending on your individual interest. You also won’t be pestered with unending popups, slides and flashing ads that almost give you epileptic fits. I’m Keeping it fresh here!

I’m not affiliated with every company I recommend but if I find value in it, I’ll share it… especially seed companies that have heirloom seeds. (Oh how I loves me seeds!)

My mission is to Help people help themselves in the areas of finances and growing food, along with some old fashioned life hacks that have been somewhat lost through the last couple of generations.

OK.. so let’s get on with it shall we! ~Callie

Learn about the federal reserve and how these people control the money system, and thus.. YOUR income.

Financial Freedom and The Financial Matrix

Discover How To Slay Your Debt and Win Freedom!

Learn How To:

  • Quickly Pay Down Debt
  • Finally Build Your Savings
  • Build a Solid Profitable Home Business
    ….. and more

Lot’s of tip and advice on this page…

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If You can’t grow a garden and preserve food, then there’s another option…

Prepare For the Worst, Hope For the Best!

Everything you need to be truly prepared, including food, a water filtration system, solar charging kit with batteries, stove and fire starter, and much more, I love that there is a great company out there that helps us with a “back up” plan in case of emergencies.

BTW… I’ve bought one of their survival food packs to see if they were any good and I’m blown away at how good they are!

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The Fibonacci Spiral is everywhere in nature. Coincidence?

Doing Health with Gardening and God!

We are all individuals. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually different and very special in the eyes of God. I think our connection to growing food is important to our individual well-being. Food is our fuel and our medicine. Let’s explore some of that old timey wisdom that’s been lost in our modern farming factory systems.

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How Many Compartments Do You Put Your Life and Health Into?

Is Your Life divided up into compartments? Do you put your health into one compartment, your finances into another compartment and your family into yet another one? Do you further compartmentalize even those areas of your life into sub-compartments that you rationalize as being unrelated to each other?

Living a Whole and Healthy Life means that all parts of our lives are congruent with each other. If our lives are chaotic then we need to examine where the incongruity is and get it back into alignment. Well, that is, if you want to make your life one of peace and contentment..

Sometimes big changes have to be made in our lives to attain the kind of life we yearn for. And that’s a journey we can explore together in finances, family, freedom, faith and fun!

What is that one thing that touches ALL of our lives?

Finances… the money thing.

Believe this… There is a way to get free financially. While it’s true that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ and ‘you can’t take it with you when you die’ and all those other cliches, it’s also true that poverty isn’t fun either, especially in this commercialized society. Being free of debt and being able to provide what is needed for your familys’ well-being is honourable. Work together with other like minded people to secure financial balance!

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