My Vision

This world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Actually, to be more precise, what we are presented with via “media” seems to be getting crazier and crazier and many seem to be getting pulled into the spinning vortex.

Yet, when I look around me at the people I know, the people in my community… who I work with and come into contact with on a daily basis, I see ordinary people who are perplexed.

There has been a shift in worldview perceptions, in ideologies and values. Sometimes it sets friends and family at odds with each other but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can serve to make us clearly define in our own minds, what we believe about things and WHY we believe those things.

If nothing else, it should make us examine where the shift is originating from and if it is valid. Most research indicates the shift is not organic… that’s it’s planned, much like the financial system.

The purpose in making this website is to bring hope to those who are feeling the negative effects of this shift in culture and to help shed some light on what and why this shift is happening. You probably won’t be surprised.

I’ll bring articles, videos and insights to help you understand my perspective. My hope is that if there are estranged loved ones, you’ll find something herein to bridge the gap.

My Story

Always the entrepreneur. At the ripe old age of 10 I wanted to create things that were fun, beautiful and that I could sell. Always experimenting, always learning how to do things, crochet, knit, cook, build, quilt, craft, garden.. you name it.., as a young girl and into adulthood I just liked to learn and do.

Trained in business I loved numbers, math, finance. It was fun. As a young mother I loved caring for my family.. it was a dream life. I started a home business that just grew organically because creativity draws people and I had it in spades. Then the cruelty of life intervened and my business got packed away for many years. But once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.. it cannot be quenched for long!

After packing away my business and while working in the finance industry I came across so very many people who had absolutely No idea about money. Where it comes from, how to manage it effectively and how to use it wisely to build a future free from enslavement to debt.

My heart went out to these people who were struggling in the dark! The “money thing’ is an issue with both old and young alike… there is no age barrier.

A friend introduced me to a wonderful educational program that teaches the time honoured principals of financial freedom. Although I already had a good basis in most of the principals from my financial background, I was surprised to discover how many principals I was missing in my own life.

I was quite dumbfounded to discover that most of these principals are hidden from the general public… not taught in schools, colleges or universities, and not even mentioned in financial institutions. It Was Quite The Eye Opener!

This discovery gave me the idea and the tools to reach out and share my knowledge so that those who are struggling financially or otherwise, would have a way out of the struggle. A little bit of hope that life is good, that there are people who care, and that, most importantly….

There IS a Better Way!!!

Meet the “Team of One” (with many in the background)

Who we are eventually is manifested in everything we do and say. Most people are kind and loving. They want the best for you and for your life to be lived well. Everyone we come into contact with, work with, enjoy life with… everyone has something they can teach us. My goal is to be a helper. To help show you a better, more efficient way to use what the good Lord blesses you with so that your life becomes a bit easier. Information is “Out There” on how to become wealthier, how to become healthier, etc. My aim is to bring the basics back under one roof

Why? Because people yearn for truth. They yearn for someone to truly help them. They yearn for old-fashioned community. They want to know that there are still people who give a hoot. It’s a human thing.

Callie Canrinus

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

First Career in banking and finance. Second career as a Pastry chef/Baker… and now, back into the world of Finance. Namely, teaching people who want to know where money comes from, how to get, keep and save more of it.

And I make a mean blueberry cheescake!


Engineers of Wrap Me around Their fingers

The reason for working so hard… to build a legacy so that they know the reality of the world around them… that we live this life for those we love and to honor God.

Always Grow

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Your Next Steps?

If You are sick and tired of being broke all the time, don’t just sit around bemoaning the fact you don’t have adequate income.. Do something about it!! I can point you in the right direction, but you, and only you, can take Action to help yourself. Click the Green Take Action NOW! button to get more information.