Are We In a Financial “Matrix”?

Is the movie The Matrix a mirror of life as we know it today? Some would say no, it’s science fiction. Myself, I parallels, specifically as relating to our financial system.

So, let’s get a bit of perspective on our modern day financial system by going back in history. “.. and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana

“The aristocratic elites of every generation have sought a control matrix to exploit the production of the masses. The famous French political philosopher Bertrand De Jouvenel said similarly when he noted, “Whoever does not wish to render history incomprehensible by departmentalizing it – political, economic, social – would perhaps take the view that it is in essence a battle of dominant wills (elites), fighting in every way they can for the material which is common to everything they construct: the human labor force”. (the masses) In other words, the aristocratic elites (dominant wills) seek methods to control the masses (human labor) production.” ~Orrin Woodward, The Financial Matrix

John Stuart Mill, wrote, “The Law of the Increase of Production Depends on those of Three Elements— Labor. Capital, and Land.”

Labor produces wealth. Land produces wealth. Capital produces wealth. Let’s look at how the productive capacity of these three elements are controlled.

Labor Matrix. The aristocratic elites looked for and benefited from methods to control the productive capacity of the masses, which was typically done with Labor. The first form of control… human slavery. Most of us are familiar with this form of control where slaves toiled away with little recompense other than food and lodging. Slavery was the preferred method of control throughout antiquity until late in the Roman Empire when Christianity influenced the social norms of the time.
“Whereas slavery was previously acceptable, Christian doctrine taught that all men were created equal before an almighty God. Since all fellow-believers were brothers and sisters in Christ, it became increasingly difficult to rationalize how a Christian could enslave a fellow brother or sister. Thus, without the moral support from European society, the Physical Matrix collapsed under its own weight in the middle-ages.” ~ excerpt from The Financial Matrix by Orrin Woodward

Land Matrix. Once Slavery fell out of favour, the elites looked for another form of control. Since the elites owned and controlled the vast majority of the land, it was an ideal vehicle to lure the masses back into something little better than slavery. We know this form of control as feudal serfdom. People could live and work on a kings or lords land but had to pay a tax of 50% and work 7 days a week. In exchange the people received ‘protection’ and 50% of their labours. Although not slaves, they weren’t free either. The aristocracy once again controlled the masses through use of their land.

Capital Matrix. During the late middle ages, gold and silver were reintroduced as currency which ultimately destroyed the land matrix, as serfs didn’t need to live on the lords lands to survive. They could move to the newly emerging cities and trade their labors for currency (gold/silver). Their labours became their own to profit from, and profit they did, no longer controlled by the aristocrats who owned all the land. The Aristocracy needed to find a way to control the flow of money.

The last factor of production available for the elites to control and build another matrix on, was Capital (gold and silver).
Gold and silver became the preferred forms of money and the standard by which money was valued. It was what brought about capitalism. People traded goods between themselves, labour was paid more fairly, and for nearly four hundred years, using gold and silver as the standard for money, more wealth was created for more people than ever before in history.

“The gold standard acted as an automatic regulator to protect the masses against the manipulations of the money supply by the elites. For it forced the elites to redeem their paper debt money into gold asset money whenever paper holder demanded it. This on-demand gold-standard redemption policy tempered the inflation manipulation ability of the aristocrats because the elites feared the masses would cause a run on their banks if they suspected fraudulent overprinting of paper compared to gold reserves. The gold-standard, in sum, was the only thing standing in the way of the elite’s matrix of control over the third factor of production – capital.” ~Orrin Woodward

So how did the “elites” (aristocrats) get control of the money supply?
Watch this series of videos to understand better… Money vs Currency

Understanding how the monetary system came about is key to knowing how the present day monetary system works.

The reason we are in a worldwide financial mess, is because people do not understand the difference between Currency and Money. Vast thousands who work in banks do not even understand it. We are all kept willfully ignorant; banks even admits this. (The Truth is Out: Money is Just an IOU)

I’m going to continue this thread in future posts. If you’d like the full report on this, I’ll post the link to it tomorrow!

Toodles for now. ~Callie

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