Sussex, New Brunswick Community Gardens

Everyone should have the opportunity to grow their own food if they so desire. For those who don’t own land and live where there is no place to grow a garden, a community garden is a blessing. In Canada, we have a national Communities in Bloom organization whose aim is to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility, beautification and improving the quality of life through community participation. Having been on our local committee for a number of years, it was fun getting the local community garden organized and to a place where we have a waiting list for the plots.

Our local Co-op store is on a large plot of land in the town and offered an unused portion of their land for the community garden. We started with 16 plots and immediately filled up those plots and now are expanding the gardens for 12 more plots… and we are in a really small town of less than 4000 people! It’s a hit. We charge $25 per plot each year and that allows us to mulch the walkways, run water hoses and we’re planning on building a covered potting bench area with storage area for the gardeners tools.

The folks who garden in their plots have become a pretty close knit bunch and enjoy visiting with each other as they garden. Their creativity is evident and it’s pure pleasure strolling through the gardens and seeing what each gardener is growing.

At the height of the growing season
Season two – Gerry-rigging the hose stand 😛
You can grow a lot of produce in a small space!
Season is almost done and the pathways need weeded! Communities in Bloom volunteers take care of the pathways and water, Plot owners take care of their plots.