I can’t help bragging about my home town. I know there are millions of others who feel exactly the same way about their own “home towns”. Were we live shapes our lives in so many ways and we grow a fondness for, and memories of, those familiar places we grow up around. They are near and dear to our hearts.

So, I want to share some of the beauty of my region with you and hope you enjoy, and even decide to come to visit!

I live in New Brunswick, Canada. (Warning: Here comes the BRAGGING) The climate here is similar to Maine USA except we’re surrounded by water on 2 1/2 sides so it’s a more humid climate. We have the Appalachian Mountain range running down the western part of the province (gold veins in them there hills) and out into the Bay of Fundy which has the highest tides in the world. Saint John also has a reversing falls… the Bay of Fundy backs into the Saint John river during high tide, creating a backflow. The whirlpools are crazy!

Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

New Brunswick has the oldest incorporated city in Canada (Saint John), The oldest chocolate and candy company in Canada (Ganongs, in St. Stephen), is one of the oldest oil and gas producing regions in the world and if that’s not enough, we’re an agriculturally rich region that is known for Milk production, Vegetable farms (potatoes in particular) Vineyards, Chickens, Eggs and of course Lobster and seafood of all kinds. We also have the Grand Falls Gorge that pours equal to 90% of the volume of Niagara Falls through it every spring! It’s spectacular!

New Brunswick also has the longest covered bridge in the World in the town of Hartland. Take that, every place else in the world! LOL

Longest Covered Bridge in the World – Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada

The town I’m from, Sussex, New Brunswick, is in the covered bridge capital of the world with over 60 covered bridges in the region, all wooden structures, some as old as 100 years. You have to honk your horn as you go through them.. it’s tradition… kids love the loud echo sound!

This is the Smiths Creek #1 Covered Bridge in Roachville, NB. It’s just across the river from the town of Sussex.

This is a rich agricultural center which hosts an Annual Balloon Fiesta every year. It’s an amazing place and I’m so glad this is my home!

Southern New Brunswick and the Sussex region in particular, is known for it’s verdant green valley, with rolling hills stretching off into the distance. There is a wonderful hiking trail in Sussex Corner that leads to a bluff which overlooks the valley and farmlands below.

The Bluff in Sussex Corner is a must-do hike when you come for a visit! Shout out to Jesse Sullivan for the great video!

Further up that road is the Poley Mountain ski hill which is rated ‘family friendly’. When you go to the site, there are web cams you can have a look at.

Annnnd last bit of bragging.. I think. We hear all the time that New Brunswick has some of the tastiest Maple Syrup in Eastern Canada. 😛 The flavour is alleged to be more intense than that of Quebec producers. Some of the old timers say it’s from the extra humidity of the region, making the warm days/cool nights cycle more pronounced which makes for better sap production. Some locals speculate that it could be the type of maple trees that grow in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I don’t know.. all I know is that the maple syrup from our local producers is delicious. There’s a lot of small family ‘sugar shacks’ that just make maple syrup for family and friends. Bless their hearts is all I can say!

O.K., so THIS is the last of the fun bragging info…

The weather here is unpredictable by times. In the 2014/15 winter we got between 14 and 17 feet of snow in the province and some southern NBers started posting on FB just before another storm hit that they were running to the store to get more “Storm Chips”. It trended big time on social media so now we have a potato chip company (Covered Bridge) that makes “storm chips” every winter. Before a storm you run to the grocery store to get potato chips, pop and whatnot. NB grows massive amounts of potatoes, so it’s a favourite here!

This is a wonderful and amazing place on God’s green earth! The rolling hills, rich agriculture and tight communities is why I never want to leave again. I went to Calgary for a few years to work, but this is home and the pull back was strong, so I want to share some of the old wisdom from our rural communities around here. Some city folk might call us rednecks, but we’re good hearted rednecks and still welcome strangers in for a meal and we help our neighbours with splitting wood, snow shoveling, barn raising and pie making. We do kitchen parties, bonfires, fireworks and rescuing stray animals and the snow mobile and ATV trails are top notch!

All Right… End Bragging. Can you tell I love this neck of the woods? LOL