Gravy-Boat Cookbook

How long does it take to write your own cookbook? You know, the one with your favourite recipes that are tried and true and containing those recipes from mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It takes a lifetime or two. The best ones always do.

Turkey/Chicken dressing is my most favourite part of a Turkey/Chicken dinner.. So savory and delish!

When you stir up a batch of muffins or lovingly make your grandmothers chicken pot pie, the memories are just as good as the food.

As of this date, Feb 2020, my favourite cookbook is being digitally designed by some wonderful folks I just met through the ‘Bear Community’ on dlive. As soon as it is complete I’ll put the link below where you can purchase it. Pricing to be announced but I’m going to make it as low as possible so everyone can get a copy of this delicious gravy.

Stay tuned! ~Callie 😀