We’ve all heard the saying that “The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer” Our Whole Lives! It’s almost like we’re being programmed to believe this.. to believe that there is some intrinsic divide that we the “Little People” can never breach.

Well, sadly enough, it’s true. We HAVE been programmed thoroughly to believe this hogwash, and it’s been on purpose. People act out what they believe to be true. If you’ve been told from a very young age that you are not rich, that money doesn’t grow on trees, that ‘we can’t afford this or that’, then since you aren’t in the ‘rich’ category, you must be in the ‘poor’ category, at one level or another. AND YOU ACT ACCORDINGLY.

This section of the website is dedicated to breaking that programming. None of us were ever meant to be put in pre-determined categories. The idea of being rich or poor is a false binary. You don’t need to choose either.

The “middle class” is another programming category. It’s used as a carrot to keep people striving and stressed and is especially valuable to the “tax man” and “bankers”. We’ll discuss these two boogeymen as we progress in our reveal of the financial system. Some people call it the Financial Matrix. That’s an apt descriptor.

Your plan for life should be to choose a life that fits YOUR personal wants and needs.

Have a look at the Life Plan page and see if it could be a blueprint for you to work off of on the path to discovering what being financially fit really means.

The difference between the rich in the poor is that the rich have “secrets” that the poor don’t have. This site is going to address that problem and outline a step by step by step formula to learn those secrets, and not only learn them, but APPLY them.

The vast majority of people only think fleetingly about getting financially fit because it just seems like an idea that is way out of reach. So many people are so far in debt and so “busy” with their lives that it’s hard to think, but let’s realign our ideas about financial fitness from a perspective that might be more helpful.

Just know this… Being financially free is not out of reach. Far from it. Give some thought to WHY you think financial freedom is out of reach for you. Can you pinpoint how you came to that conclusion? What do you think financial freedom is?

Identify what you think is preventing you from achieving financial freedom. Get a piece of paper and write down the obstacles you see as being in your way. Leave a few lines of space in between each obstacle you face.

Next, write down what you think might be a solution to that obstacle. This is going to be a hard exercise because, I bet you dollars to donuts, you have never given it serious thought before. Your brain is going to hurt.

Don’t worry. I’ll help you get some clarity because…

When you realize that there is no magic bullet to achieve financial freedom, that it’s just a matter of taking one step after another, you’ll be able to free your mind from lifelong programming which has been designed to keep you poor and a virtual slave.

And that’s just it. It’s Not anything new. Everyone has the capacity to choose better for themselves and then commit to DOING it over time.

Success in every area of life takes work, persistence and consistency. Having the right information and the right tools will make a world of difference between staying poor or becoming financially free. The right information starts with some history….

I have written a report which summarizes the systems of control over the centuries, and how they are in effect today with our current monetary system. I offer the report free of charge so if you would like to read it, just click the green ‘Free Report’ link, enter your email address, and it will take you to a page where you can download the report. You can save it if you like. I’ll then send you a few emails with more in-depth information on how to take control of your own financial future. You can opt out of those any time you like.

So, Here is a First Step… Free Report on How the Financial System is Designed to keep you Broke.. some history and how to break the cycle.

It’s important to understand how these systems of control came to be and how they work. What you come across on this site will make more sense and bear more gravity as to why you need to take control of your financial life as quickly as possible.

Learning principals for financial freedom and success is a journey that is taken one step at a time. Understand the very basics and then progress from there.

So go download the report, read it, then follow the next steps which you’ll find on the ‘Financial Freedom’ Menu (Principal #1, Principal #2, Principal #3) and so on. I’ll help guide you to the place where you then naturally continue on the journey to Financial Freedom.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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