Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life upon. It lasts when fame and money fail, and is the only riches we can take out of this world with us.” ~Louisa May Alcott

Money isn’t the most important thing in life, nor should it be. Finance isn’t as important as Faith or Family or Freedom or Fitness or Friends or Fun or Fellowship. (Did you see what I did there?)

No, it’s not as important as those things, BUT it does hold a unique place amoung those things because being financially fit can not only help you avoid negative consequences like dread of the bill collector or stress from not being able to pay the rent, not having money for Christmas gits for your children, etc., but it largely affects how you can take advantage of projects and endeavors in your life.

If you are financially broke and you want to buy land or fix your house or build a shed, or any of those various projects on your bucket list, it becomes an effort in futility. You’re done before you start. Without adequate finances, your potential in all of the roles, responsibilities and relationships in your life are lessened.

When you’re financially fit, you’re able to do so much more for those you love and for all of those within your circle of influence and beyond. Being financially fit will have the added benefit of enabling you to find and fund the pursuit of your dreams. It enables you to fulfill your God given purpose in life. So starting young is key, but it’s never too late to start in this pursuit.

The best time to have planted a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.

Perhaps the greatest gift money can give you is Time. It’s so important to spend enough time with your spouse and children for the well-being of your family and marriage. Of course this applies to other relationships as well.

We understand that many people have to sacrifice time away from their family to support their needs. This is honorable and we all have talents and gifts we can put to good use in our jobs and communities, however, there are better alternatives if you find what you’re doing isn’t cutting it.

Those who understand and consistently apply the principles of financial fitness can learn to effectively support their families in ways that allow them extra time to spend with their loved ones, as well as to serve others.

Time goes by quickly. Don’t let your loved ones get buried under the sands of time.

So I have a question for you. If you were to inherit $8 Million dollars from an old aunt, what would you do with it? After the excitement died down a bit and you sit down and seriously consider what you should do with the money, what do you think your first thoughts would be?

I’m sure it would hit you that your life will change in many ways, but will they be fruitful ways or destructive ways? What about your work? Would you quit it without a second thought, or do you enjoy what you do and find it fulfilling?

SO, First, you should probably take the time to decompress and think about what you really want to spend your time doing for the rest of your life.

You could quit your job and just hang around doing nothing, but those who have been able to do that find it very unfulfilling. We were made for a purpose. When we take the time to think about it, our purpose is usually what we love delving into… that thing you work at that is so engaging and enjoyable that when you’re in that “zone”, time has no meaning! THAT is probably your purpose. That is probably the thing that you could become an expert in and be able to share and teach to others. THAT thing, whatever it is, is the thing that brings joy and peace and harmony to your life.

Do THAT. Use your money to fulfill your purpose. For me, it’s all things gardening. It’s pure joy to my soul. Growing things and using those things to nourish and heal the people i love, that’s my joy… and writing about it to teach and help others… that’s my secondary joy.

Second… WHO do you want to fulfill your purpose with and spend more time with? Family? See now, that right there is an important question because it helps you to see where your heart really is right now.

Third… What do you want to learn, experience or do? Do you want to travel, learn to play a musical instrument or learn to speak another language? Maybe you’d like to go back to University and get a degree. Maybe you’d like to serve on your local town council or start a soup kitchen. Make a list.

Fourth. What about your relationship with God? Do you have one? Would you like to know if God exists? Would you like to explore those deep questions of existence that you just have never taken time to think about because, frankly, there was too much other stuff to worry about. If you didn’t have to worry about money again, would you seriously examine if God has a purpose for your life?

When you know, deep down, that God loves you and wants the best for your life, it gives a totally different perspective on how you would spend your money. You might want to startup that soup kitchen to give back to your community! You may not care one iota about God, but you’d be surprised at how spiritual things affect your life even when you don’t realize it. We all have that divine spark and most of us would like to use it for good.

AND… This brings us to a Profound question…

What would you do to change the world if you could? Everyone could tell you exactly what is wrong with “this” or “that” and they’d have a long list of what they see is wrong with the world. But when you step back from your ego, you might just be able to see that there are a lot of problems in the world that intersect with your interests.. your passions.

So you CAN change the world in ways that only you can do. They may be small ways but you have to decide how you will use the money you have to do so. You can 1.) Acquire things, 2.) Accomplish goals, 3.) Contribute to causes and people in need.

If you had the time and resources, what would you contribute to help change the world around you? Write down your answers and really think about them. You don’t need to be a multi millionaire.

You just need to identify these things because it will help you chart your course towards financial independence.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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