Learning, Learning, Learning

Man oh Man. This old brain is being stretched! It’s been awhile since I’ve worked seriously on building a WordPress Website so the learning curve, although not that steep, is still a bit challenging. I’ve forgotten a lot, but thankfully once I navigate to this section or that section, the synapses start firing and I remember what I have to do.

Connecting into Aweber autoresponder is where my brain kinda slows down a bit… but it’s fun re-learning all this marketing and sales funnel building stuff again. I really like working in Aweber… that system makes setting everything up So So Easy! Also, thanks to the Legendary Marketer course I’m taking, the steps are much clearer and I’ve got a great guideline to follow for Everything.. Yes, Everything. What a relief. This page is one of the pages they taught me how to build as part of a simple system to earn money online. It was kinda fun!

Learning the RIGHT way to earn an income from the internet is taking more time than I thought, but that is totally My own fault. I tend to lose focus more easily when I’m not working a 9 – 5 job. When you’re working for the “Man” you have your daily schedule and task list to check off so the focus is mandatory. When you’re off work on sick leave, then your time is not as structured. You tube is just so distracting!! LOL

That’s one good thing about the marketing course though… I’m accountable to myself… it’s creating a real sense of discipline. If I want to make money online, then I’d better complete the course sooner rather than later!!

So here’s a little tidbit of what I’m learning…

  • The value of Sales Funnels
  • What sales funnels are and how they work
  • How to change your Mindset to one of Success
  • Developing Hard Skills (how to create videos, websites, articles)
  • Developing Soft Skills (selling skills for writing ads, compelling copywriting etc)
  • Learning how to create your own Brand that people recognize and gravitate to
  • Learning how to get Free Traffic to my offer
  • Learning how to build a loyal mailing list of customers

Basically, it’s all about learning how to earn income from marketing something online that people find value in.

When you go online to find a solution to a problem you have, realize there are probably thousands of other people looking for that same thing. THAT is how you can make money online… by selling people things they want to buy to solve the problem they have!

This marketing course is teaching me how to be that person at the head of the line that people see and buy from. Simple as that.

Well, that’s all for now. If you want to find out about the marketing course I’m taking, go HERE.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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