friend is one to whom one can pour out all the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keeping what is worth keeping, and, with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

This page is written to answer a very sincere question my friend Susan asked in response to a post I made on Facebook. This answer is long. I often post provocative statements to engage critical thinking on the part of the reader and enjoy lively debate. I often change my mind about some of the opinions I’ve formed, but I also stick to my guns on issues I’m fully convinced of. In these days of political correctness, debating seems to offend people way too often and way too much, so when a person sincerely tries to understand a position that is opposite of the mainstream media, I appreciate it more than most can understand.

Here is the post with Susans’ very sincere question. It’s time we gave a reasonable answer.

Now this is my opinion and of course you have to use your best judgement. Whatever this flu is, you should take the same precautions for yourself and your loved ones that you would take for an flu outbreak. Most people just stay home until the worst of it has passed, or if they get the flu, they stay home until they are better. That flu that went around in November/December/January was really bad and I knew quite a few people who had it. It seemed to get better then came back with a double whammy and a lot of people suffered for 2 or 3 weeks with it! One of the odd things about it was that a lot of people had diarrhea with it.. which isn’t typically a flu symptom. On Facebook I saw a lot of posts from friends saying they were sick with it.. they all stayed home until they were better. You know, they used common sense. So here’s the thing.. You KNOW when there is a flu outbreak because a lot of people you personally know will complain they have it. That is one big tip off that this “pandemic” is a scam. I haven’t heard of ANYONE I know that came down with this “virus”. Not One… and I know a lot of people.

If the television wasn’t blasting dire warnings out 24/7, no one would know there was anything going on. Let that sink in.

As to the questions about doctors.. I don’t know what doctors around here think.. they’re all silent. They all had to sign a non-disclosure statement with Horizon Health if they wanted to work in NB, so they can only voice the government narrative if they want to keep their government pay. From what I understand, they spend very little time learning about viruses or vaccines. Keep in mind that medical schools are heavily funded by Pharmaceutical companies and a lot of their information comes directly from big Pharma! It’s the same in Canada as in the US.

So, do I trust Horizon Health dictates and thus government dictates concerning this whole debacle? Well let’s see… after the hospital ER closure fiasco we faced here in NB in January/February, I think not. I was on the Sussex Health Center Support Committee and dishonest media coverage was an issue as well as concerns about government backroom damage control. It had more to do with politics than health. No one has adequately explained how the CEO Karen McGrath came up with her “brilliant plan” seeing as some of the health authority’s board members said the Boards weren’t involved in it’s formulation.

Vice-chair of the Vitalité health network’s board resigns over health reform plan “The night of Feb. 10 — the eve of the announcement in Fredericton — the board was convened and told of the plan, she (Norma McGraw) added”.

I have a strong feeling that “plan” was formulated elsewhere and given to CEO’s McGrath and Lanteigne to implement, but I can’t prove that. Interesting that Vitalité CEO, Gilles Lanteigne, conveniently announced his retirement in October. Something is still rotten at that level. Realize that doctors are not in the know about these dictates from above. They didn’t even get a heads up on the hospital ER closure.. they found out when the rest of the public found out!! They can only tell you what they’ve been told from their health authorities and as we’ve personally witnessed here in NB, those health authorities can’t be trusted. It is no different than anywhere else in the world. Big Pharma basically owns the healthcare industry everywhere.

Now, think about the implications of closing the ERs in 6 significant rural communities here in NB with this covid “pandemic”. All emergencies would have been transported to the big centers, away from their normal doctors care… heart attacks, strokes, etc. They would have automatically been tested for covid, (likely positive), and if they perished their death would have been registered as a covid death regardless of what they actually died of.

All health authorities were instructed to follow that procedure from both the WHO and CDC, although many countries didn’t. The number of covid deaths would have been a lot higher here in NB even though the majority of those deaths would not be related to “covid”. The question health authorities have yet to answer is why heart attack, stroke or terminal cancer patients were tested for covid in the first place. The CDC has now admitted that the covid deaths reported were likely not accurate due to the method of reporting “covid positive” deaths.

Look up the New York health authority death statistics for April 2020.

So I obviously see things quite differently than the crowd who are only getting their view point from the beast that is called multi-media. I will never follow the crowd down the path they’re heading with this virus story because the crowd is too often wrong. Remember our parents and grandparents saying “If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge?” The answer is NO, you wouldn’t do something foolish just because the crowd did it. That sentiment has never held truer than it does now. We need to critically examine dictates that affect our lives in significant ways and get as informed as possible from sources other than mainstream media, because as I’ll demonstrate, they can’t be trusted to tell the truth either.

The WHO is one extremely corrupt organization at the top and has been riddled with scandals for a long time now. As an arm of the UN and now funded heavily by Bill Gates and China, the WHO previously had a communist heading it and now a terrorist leader. The media does not even hint at this information but there were all kinds of reports of Adhanoms brutality in Ethopia in the 90’s Jesse Watters from the Five sums up the UN and the WHO perfectly…

Another video explains a bit more about this head of the WHO who is “leading” our WORLD through the “pandemic”. Tedros Adhanom, an Ethiopian criminal chosen to save the world: John Martin 2020

There is just So Much the mainstream media is not telling everyone. Deliberate omission of the facts is the same as lying.

I understand multi-media somewhat. It was one of the classes I thoroughly enjoyed in my Information Systems program at college. A basic precept of that course was that you use technology to tell a story and form perception. You first come up with, and develop a story line, plot it out on a ‘story board’ and then you use technical programs (software) and machinery (videos, cameras, printing press) to bring that story to life. The story is carefully scripted and you follow the script for a smooth delivery. The same techniques are used in all media productions, no matter how simplistic or complicated the production. That’s a basic explanation. Those who understand it, pick up on things in the “news” that the majority of people don’t.

Media “Interviewers” use specific tactics to support their narrative,,, Not to give you a balanced perspective. Media Communications 101. An example of this is using “strawmen” arguments which are basically distorted versions of the truth to push their own agenda forward. Jordan Peterson, in an interview with Cathy Newman illustrated this perfectly. Newman was attacking Peterson’s right to “free speech” by using a “transgender strawman” argument in an attempt to subvert freedom of expression. She did this by insinuating that Peterson’s free speech impinged on transgender’s right to exist. It was a total distortion of Peterson’s position. He refuted her very kindly and professionally, but you can clearly see that Newman was using an imaginary scenario (strawman) to push her agenda and subvert Petersens rights. Once you see this, you can’t unsee it.. the media is littered with strawman corpses. (This isn’t an endorsement of Petersen, it’s just an example)

When you know what’s involved, and you understand the tactics, it’s easier to identify the agenda. Having said that, CGI makes it almost impossible to distinguish real life from computer generated, especially if you’re viewing it on a small screen, like most smart phones. I’ve been fooled a number of times when I view these things on my phone… with a bigger screen, not so much. Most movies are green screen and the actors have props that make them appear super-human. Here’s a couple of great example of how movies (and news) are productions.. (again, I’m not endorsing this Flat Earth channel.. it’s just illustrating how things can be faked)

Here is another production that was attempted to be passed off as real but has been exposed as fake.. there is question as to whether it was CGI or partly real, but it’s clear it wasn’t what the media wanted you to think it was. Very disappointing and there are a lot of them being exposed as fakes by professional media engineers. NASA seems to have tons of these CGI and movie studio productions that are easy to pick apart, but for the average person it’s hard to know which ones are real and which ones are fake. So NASA is another corrupt organization. It never seems to end.

Speaking of CGI… This illustration that everyone sees associated with “covid19” is pure CGI but it’s what everyone believes the “virus” looks like.

This is NOT what virus’s (antegens) look like.

Do you see pictures and hear descriptions of what this “virus” really looks like (below) or does the media show you the CGI pictures of “the virus” above? This is another example of pushing a narrative. The visual repetition day after day after day, along with the urgent tones of the “newscasters” makes you believe the story. Showing the real thing isn’t as scary though is it? This is the best description of this “virus” that I’ve ever heard.. it should calm your nerves about it’s virility!

Not quite as terrifying. In fact, if people understood the true nature of virus’s they would be enraged that they’d been so deceived by the media.

There are literally millions of people who see through this.. it’s not just Christians. It is people from all over the world from just about every nation.. Christians are just not afraid to speak out because we know who the real Authority in this world is. The other reason why you’ll see a lot of Christians calling this out is the fact that we’re seeing biblical prophecy played out before our very eyes. The formation of Israel as a nation in 1948 was the timeline start for last days prophecy. Of course no Christian can claim they know the exact times of prophecy fulfillment but we generally understand that we are in what is called “the end times”. We are the “Fig Tree Generation” <-read! The book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Ezekiel, etc., all have prophecies concerning events in the last days, some of which have already happened and some which are yet to happen. Matthew 24 states “For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.  You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come.  Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.”

Well, we’ve certainly seen all that! Wars (gulf war, war on terror, korean war, ww1, ww2) and rumors of war (russia, china, iran). Other scriptures say there would be plagues,(bird flu, swine flu, ebola, sars, aids, h1n1). The mark of the beat is one very famous last days prophecies in which anyone who takes the mark will be lost to heaven forever. (Revelation 13) The mark will be in the right hand or forehead and you won’t be able to buy or sell without it. (Most of us think that’s the proposed microchip Bill Gates is pushing hard for btw). Other prophecies are the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Israel (plans already underway), the return of the blood sacrifice (started up last year), the rise of a one world government (UN) and leader(??), and the one that inspires most Christians is the “Rapture” of the bride of Christ (the church). Other religions have similar “scriptures” and see these events unfolding as foretelling of end of days things as well. But even non-religious people recognize that something is way out of wack with this whole pandemic story. The mortality rate and “infection” rate just gets lower and lower with more testing. Everyone that looks at the data logically can clearly see this does not warrant the status of “pandemic” and definitely does not warrant a lock-down. BTW, the term lock-down is a prison term for people who are incarcerated.. not a term that should be used for a quarantine. Seems like the media is conditioning people to accept incarceration?

So, watch as revolts around the world escalate.. There is no need for quarantine and yet the governments around the world are reluctant to relinquish their control. We’re just seeing a few demonstrations starting.. it’s going to escalate insanely because what the media is trying to make you believe is not matching up with what people are seeing in reality. Just a side note… The rift between reality, and peoples perceived reality is so big that we’re seeing a deep divide between those who see the Plandemic for what it is, and those who absolutely believe everything on television (mainstream media).

While your investments on the stock market are being sucked up, your ability to make a living is being taken away. People know that many more people are going to die as a result of this foolishness than a bloody virus would ever kill. While we’re on the topic of Media disinformation and dishonesty, I will refer you to a couple of experts on the topic of viruses. I hope you will watch each video, or read each article I reference before proceeding. You can better understand what follows if you have a foundation of premise. I came across an interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman in March and have since discovered quite a number of very credentialed medical professionals who are also speaking out against the bad science behind this “pandemic”.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: This interview is absolutely mind blowing!!!

Next, this is a common sense video “A Lesson on Logic” with Dr. Tom Cowan, MD:

So I’m not going to go too much more into the virus itself as I’m not a medical professional. I’ll let the medical professionals speak for themselves. One thing I’ve found is that the “experts” the media puts forward seem to do nothing more than mime the same tired phrases every day and cast aspersions on medical professionals that stray from the “official story”. I’ve never heard any of them go into the kind of depth that Dr. Kaufman and other doctors go into. What I write here is the conclusions I’ve drawn from the many hours of reading, listening and viewing interviews, articles, documents, commentary and videos from medical professionals, government officials, journalists and commentators. I’m not just forming an opinion from gossip. I’ve been researching this non-stop since news of the virus was released and there are many interconnecting elements, over a long period of time, that has brought us to this pandemic plan.

If you want to get a real feel for the depth of corruption surrounding this plandemic, you’re going to have to spend more time researching and going down some rabbit holes! I encourage you to look up Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Dan Erickson, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Ivette Lozano. The mainstream media is doing it’s best to discredit them but we really can’t expect more from corruption.

I also want to note here that the corona virus had to be renamed ‘novel corona virus” and then covid-19 quickly since all those “conspiracy” internet sleuths (mostly doctors curiously) pointed out that corona virus was basically the common cold. “THEY” got caught and so the narrative and the name changed and with it a ramping up of the fear factor. (Fear plays a pivotal role in this “pandemic” btw). Every time the holes in the plan are exposed they change their story,,, wearing a mask is a perfect example. The WHO and CDC recommended wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus and one of the key players, Dr. Anthony Fauci who initially pushed this hard, is now saying it’s not effective. No wonder people are confused.. there is so much conflicting information. The confusion is by design as well. It’s a military tactic. Keep the enemy scrambling to figure things out while you execute your plan of attack. You can also do an internet search on military strategy to create confusion.

Fauci recommending face masks: Fauci not recommending face masks: ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive’~Sir Walter Scott

You have probably heard on the news President Trump saying “We’re in an invisible war”, or something to that effect. He’s not wrong. Now, before you go off on a Trump tangent, understand this… I don’t care one way or the other what people think about Trump or any other world leader. They’re all reading their scripts to keep you entertained while travesties are being perpetrated in the background. It’s all a production, a soap opera, to manipulate your emotions. High emotions negate logical thought and make it easier to control peoples actions. Multi-media 101.

So yes, we are in a silent war. It is going on worldwide and the prize is absolute control. Do you see the beginning of it right here, right now? Stay in your house.. Ok we’ll let you out, wear a mask. Ok, we’ll let you travel but self-isolate for 14 days. OK, you can now go to restaurants but stay 6 feet apart. OK. You’ll have to show papers.. OK. You’ll have to get a vaccine… Uhhhh… and on and on and on. This is not about a virus.. that is just the excuse.. this is to, one at a time, take away your freedoms and replace it with ruIe #1, rule #2, rule #3, rule #4, rule #5… until there is only rules and no freedoms. It’s conditioning for what’s to come. One World Government. Listen to Chrystia Freeland.. she’s already said we “need” this!! The UN has stated this in their Agenda 21. Bill Gates has suggested it. If you listen, you’ll here the “suggestion” smattered here and there. You’re being conditioned to accept vaccines and a One World Government ‘for your own good and safety”.

I don’t claim to know what this “virus” is, but I do not believe it’s what they say it is. They have not proven that this is a virus. You may think they have because of the media madness, but listen to Dr. Kaufman in his talks about correct medical research. It’s very interesting.

So Susan, you ask very fair questions that deserve better than pat answers, I don’t expect that you, or anyone else, can understand what we, (who have been following national and international politics) have discovered through many years of researching and uncovering this corrupt system..especially since so much of the information we have uncovered over the years is now being censored on most big tech platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.). We have the knowledge in our heads and we have saved some of the “proofs”, but because we did not think to preserve everything, those proofs are not available for those who are just now questioning. New ones are though, but we didn’t foresee that the censorship clamp down would come so suddenly. Within 3 short months the social media landscape has changed drastically. Is truth being censored? Absolutely. Any of my friends can go to my Facebook page and see many, many videos and articles no longer available with this notice…

Sorry Facebook, I didn’t change who could see it, and I share to all my friends or publicly which is not a very small group. The final answer is.. ding, ding, ding… “or it’s been deleted”.. by you Facebook.. censorious fascists.

Those who are just now “researching” are only getting mainstream media results from their Google searches. You know, for programming you. Hopefully, this article will help to counter the massive programming everyone has been under. Hopefully. I’ll include videos and articles to serve as examples of the points I make.

Now, concerning the mainstream media… isn’t that how you were told there is a pandemic? If you had no Tel-a-vision would you have known there was anything other than a bad flu going around? Take a closer look at what passes for your “trusted news” source. The illustrations I use will be offensive to some, but I want you to try to look objectively at it, regardless of whether you like the source or not. I have gleaned some great truths over the years from people I didn’t particularly like. Truth is truth regardless of the source.

Anderson Cooper standing in a ditch to make the flooding appear worse than it is. That is Fake News right there. Realize that the media is about ratings and $$. Drama increases ratings and ratings increase advertising dollars. They use deceit to further their ends. Why would you trust them?

CNN was started by the CIA. through their Operation Mockingbird program. They know the “masses” haven’t got a clue about network origins or media production. They count on your ignorance and trust, and use their technology and deceit to manipulate your emotions. Multi media classes in college teach you to connect emotionally with your audience to sell yourself and your story. The technical basics were taught but mostly leaned on the job. They sprinkle bits of human interest. wee truths here and there to gain your trust and keep you hooked that they are your “trusted news source”. When media is caught manipulating stories, fabricating narratives and outright lying, it’s time to start being skeptical of what they’re saying. It’s foolish to unquestioningly trust or believe everything coming from a movie production, which is what “news” is.

They got busted and then all their network buddies jumped in reporting the news guy was exhausted and was on grass while the two guys in the background were strolling on pavement.. Lame excuse, the guy was clearly faking. Here’s a clip of it.

It used to be that we could trust local news, somewha because we could verify it. Anything far away, we just had to trust was true. With government de-classification of military and government agencies secrets, we’re discovering that many things we believed were true (because the TV said so), were actually false. When all those “conspiracy theorists” back in the early 80’s said that media was being controlled by the CIA, we all just went “coo coo, coo coo” and rolled our eyes. It’s never been a truer axiom that “it’s a conspiracy, until it isn’t anymore.” Have a look at the way media used to be, compared to now. Now there are only 5 corporations that own 90% of all media since Disney bought out News-Corp. I could go into a long explanation of the 5 men who own these 5 corporations. Let’s just say, they all belong to the same club and all 5 are totally onboard with the UN Agenda 21. You’ll understand the significance of that as we go further into this worldwide pandemic scenario.

This just lists the major networks in each corporation. There are now only 5 big corporations that own 95% of the Media in the world and all 5 owners are totally onboard with the UNs Agenda 2030. All roads point back to Rome, so to speak.

When you finally realize that the “news” is not what we have been programmed to believe, you’re going to be blown away by the propaganda. The MSM – MainStream Media is much more than just the news channels you see on Tel-a-vision. It encompasses newspapers, magazines, online channels and the biggest of all.. the movie and music industry. Media has been complicit in most world deceptions and has been doing it for a very long time.

Devon Stack (Black Pilled) Youtube channel seems a bit morose but he reveals so much that has been hidden from the general population for decades. Click on his name, Black Pilled and it will take you to his other channel videos. This stuff is not “conspiracies”.. it is documented history that has been retold. The victor gets to rewrite history.

Operation Mockingbird, a military program, is another thing you should look into regarding a media agenda… it was declassified years ago but I’m amazed so many still think it’s a “conspiracy”. It’s purpose and scope was revealed in congressional hearings back in the 60’s or 70’s I think. George Carlin slammed home the truth a few years ago and people instinctively knew he was telling the truth, but they just didn’t realize the scope. Excuse his crudeness but George wasn’t known for being subtle, but the truth he speaks is stark.

Here’s Gerorge on viruses… Here’s George on the Oligarchs: The Club he talks about is worldwide. It is not just here in North America.. it’s all over our very connected world.

So, you can look up a lot more information on Operation Mockingbird, but here are a couple that hit the high points.

This next video illustrates how the media is all scripted.. it’s blatant when you see it.

Notice the laugh tracks.. they are strategically added to give a feel of reality. this video drives the point home that the news is all scripted EVERYWHERE. It’s top down.. nothing is really news.

Believing Mainstream Media without critically examining what they’re programming you with, is basic denial of reality. No matter what you’ve been led to believe through the mainstream media, it’s important to examine what media commentators say about anything, versus what is actually said.

Interesting article “What if we’ve all been primed?

Please watch the movie Hoaxed for a more in depth look at the corruption of mainstream media: I have experienced this personally through my work in the pro-life movement. I can attest to the facts of what these folks are saying.

I know It’s a hard pill to swallow for most people who have trusted, without question, everything they hear on the “news”. The reality is that media is only there to distract you from what is really going on in the world. Facing this is a first step to understanding the greater agendas that corrupt governments and media throughout the world are lockstep with and that you are consenting to through lack of knowledge.

Truths are hidden from the general population to keep us unaware and asleep. For if the sleeping giant awakens, there will be hell to pay for those who have deceived us and enslaved us for profit and power for generations. This is why you see so many people recently crying “Wake up.” We’re trying to awaken that sleeping giant, whose name is ‘We The People’.

This documentary should dispel any last doubts you may have about the trustworthiness of Media: Out of Shadows:

OK… enough about media, you’ll find the media intertwined in all of this and will discover how complicit in the deception they are.

There are three other things that makes me see things quite differently than the crowd.. my training in banking, an interest in politics and years of studying the scriptures. First.. There is SO MUCH people do not understand about money. Helping hundreds of people every week with their banking in personal, business, investing and technical support, I learned things that only those who do those jobs learn. First is that next to NO one understands the financial system and what it really is. Even I, working in that system, did not fully understand how it worked. THAT IS BY DESIGN. They don’t want you to understand it because if you did there would be an uprising and their whole greedy corrupt system would collapse. The Financial Fitness program I belong to describes in great detail how the financial system is rigged against us. I developed a Facebook page with info on the program and links to different articles and videos. Scroll down the page and look for Orrin Woodwards video ‘Financial Matrix Scam Exposed”.

When you fully understand that a relatively small group of people control the Worldwide money system, you’ll be able to comprehend how easy it would be for them to plan and execute an event the size of this “pandemic”. Remember, there are only 195 nations in the world… that equals 195 leaders who all operate their countries within the worldwide monetary system. They are all well aware of how the people in their nations are being scammed by this corrupt monetary system (and the people who own it) and they’re not going to let us in on the secret. They don’t want to get what JFK got by going against it.

Let’s examine this “covid” event. Before this “pandemic”, did you give one moments thought to the UN or the WHO or CDC? Did you know that the WHO is an arm of the UN? Did you know that the CDC is not a governmental agency, but a private corporation that acts as a promoter of vaccines and also profits from them and often just mirrors WHO policies? Did you know that many of the same people are connected to all three organizations with funding.. Bill Gates specifically? You just have to follow the money and there is TRILLIONS at stake here and not only money but absolute control of populations with the vaccines and COV-ID. Do you want to have to show your “papers” before being allowed to travel anywhere or shop or dine? That is fascism and communism all rolled into one.. a stepping stone goal of this agenda.

I’ve briefly mentioned the UN here and there, but lets look at that agency a little closer. You can do a search for information on the original founding and purpose of the UN, but you won’t find a whole lot on what it’s devolved into. The Brexit movement in the UK summarizes the totalitarian nature of the EU which is actually a very powerful part of the UN. The UK was sick to death of being dictated to by the UN through the auspices of the EU. That’s why they separated. The United Nations membership includes Every Country In The World with the exception of some small territories but that includes all 195 Nations of the world! The UN is the foundation of the One World Government. They have said so themselves. If you listen to Chrystia Freeland, she’s said in a speech that we need to look to and work with the UN for a One World Government solution.

the UN is presented as a good idea to solve many of the worlds problems and they talk a lot about world health, world hunger, climate change and many other “issues”, the only problem is this… In spite of Billions of $$ being contributed from member nations, the UN has done literally Nothing to solve any of those issues. Most of it’s money goes to the very foundations that support it. Those foundations lobby governments to give them money to do their “good work”, which governments do, then those foundations send the money off to the UN. It’s one big money laundering scheme that sucks our tax dollars into paying for shit we don’t want.

So the Agenda 21 came from the UN, but huge corporate and tech conglomerates are also doing their part to push the agenda forward.

Speaking of things we don’t want… chemtrails we don’t want. You probably remember in the not too distant past how people who warned about chemtrails were mocked mercilessly by the media, and thus everyone who listened to the media. This is a whistleblower video: Over time the whistleblowers couldn’t be ignored, so then they changed tactics (only in the last three years!) and said it was for our own good.. gotta cool down the earth, in spite of the fact climatologist were saying the earth is already cooling. Then they shifted focus again to there being too much C02 in the atmosphere and that we’ve got to get that down to almost 0. ALL farmers on the whole earth will tell you we don’t have enough c02 and that we need more to grow healthy crops!!

So who is pushing this “eliminate C02″ agenda? It’s clear we need more C02, so why would all countries of the world concentrate efforts on reducing it? Why, none other than the UN. and it’s many foundations fund chemtrails. We don’t want hunger so the UN doen’t actually spend any money on eliminating hunger. Instead, they promote population control” to promote, and it is certainly presented as such, until you actually read some of the agendas coming out of the body politic.

Here’s a very detailed presentation of chemtrails. What they are spraying has a lot to do with how our bodies react to this “covid virus”. So they are connected, as unlikely as that may seem!!

Now, this dovetails into the 5G question although that seems like the wildest of “conspiracies”. I thought so too until I listened to a doctor who commented that the symptoms of microwave toxicity were identical to the “covid” symptoms. That made me dig a little deeper and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not such a wild conspiracy after all. Electromagnetic radiation is basically what 5G towers emit.

Millimeter Wave technology as pertains to 5G

I came across this from a youtube researcher who has been exposing the dangers of 5G radiation for a few years. I was surprised to find out that NO safety testing has been done on it by the telecoms who are installing the towers. The only ones who have done testing is for military applications and as the document above states, it’s used primarily as a weapon.

Dana Ashley is an online researcher who has a number of videos on Wireless Technology. This video is quite informative You will get a feel for how wireless affects the human body and brain.

Here is some documentation on wireless waves: I included this link in case youboob takes these videos down, which they eventually will. These online researches usually include their research sources for verification purposes. Below the videa is a description box.. click ‘Show More’ and the source links will be there.

I encourage you to take some time to view these videos and get up to speed on what is going on in the background with these technologies. You’ll never hear this put together on the mainstream media and this is why so many people are in the dark about these wider agendas going on.

This gal, Polly St. George is an amazing Canadian researcher that has some very detailed videos on all of these areas of concern. I’ve been following her and others for a little over a year and I had no idea of any of this stuff going on. This video may not make much sense to you but listen to it to the end. She references Q a fair bit, but if you have never heard of the Q movement, don’t worry. Q is an unidentified person or group of people in the US military (supposedly) that drops tips about worldwide government corruption. I don’t know what the Q thing really is but Polly uses the tips to research deeper and she unearths a lot of information that connects many dots. She prefaces this video with this question: “What did JFK mean when he said “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic conspiracy.” ?? How much have the conspirators relied on eavesdropping / spying to achieve their goals? Her channel name is Amazing Polly. Your eyes will be opened.

That video references the Worldwide Conspiracy that so many people have such a hard time wrapping their heads around. JFK talks about it and the clip of his speech talking about it is included.

Next I want to cover Event201… the Planning event to launch the pandemic. I cannot adequately explain everything that went on with this event. Suffice to say, it was funded by Bill Gates, who has his finger in every aspect of this “pandemic event”. This is the part we need to be prepared for.. the shutting down of the internet to silence those who are sounding the warning bells and to take more control over the masses.

This is a video EVENT 201 produced to illustrate how they would position such a move.

Here is one of the comments below this video: As mad as it sounds!….This same scenario has been forecast many times over the past few decades by David Icke in his books and videos. It goes something like this!….It kicks off with a major global crisis. Like WW3. Or a global pandemic. Worldwide Martial Law is declared after major public upheavals. Rioting! Looting! After global economic crash! Internet and phone networks are shut down, or heavily curtailed. When order is restored. A new Global Digital Currency is introduced. (no cash!) This will be controlled by AI. As will the microchipped population. …..and the people laughed!…….I bet their not laughing now!

I often take the time to read some of the comment section as there are a lot of ‘in the know’ people who share information like this guy above. If you hadn’t heard of David Icke you would have no idea that the man is way ahead of his time. London Real has a lot of very interesting podcasts from professionals from every walk of life who do not mirror the nonsense from the mainstream media. David Icke is just one of them. I encourage everyone to take some time and listen to these podcasts. They are very enlightening. – Interview with David Icke on april 7th – The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How Covid-19 will seize your rights & destroy our economy. He sums up what Dr. Andrew Kaufman has been explaining since almost the beginning of this thing. The media tries to discredit David Icke by calling him a “conspiracy theorist”. He’s an author and Public Speaker but they never mention that. They also try to discredit another very credentialed doctor, Dr. Judy Mikovits who blew the whistle on the corruption within the medical research institutions.

By The Way. I would encourage you to do away with the notion of “Conspiracy Theory”, it was a term coined by the CIA at the time of JFK’s assassination to throw aspersions on those who were trying to expose who was behind the assassination. At least treat it in the same way as you treat the “Therory of Evolution”, or “Gravity Theory”, or “Theory of Relativity”. None of those theorys are proven either but you put stock in it.

Vaccines, microchips and 5G

Coalition of 62 countries backs Scott Morrison’s call for an independent inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic – after China threatened to destroy Australia’s economy in retribution for the probe push

Sooooo… believe it or not, this is a BRIEF review of just a fraction of the information I’ve combed through over the past 3 months. However, I knew almost from the start there was something off about this virus. Too many conflicting reports right off the bat (no pun intended). When they quarantined the whole world I knew this was it.. this was the power grab by the UN for their one world government agenda. They are executing their plan and they won’t stop until it’s done.

We do have a lot of hope however. With our eyes wide open we can anticipate their next move just by what they themselves say, and we can prepare ourselves. First, this is a spiritual battle. Everything they are doing is contrary to what God wants for us. God has given us, as FREE Men and FREE Women, DOMINION over this realm. No government can take our free will away.. we can only surrender it. We have certain unalienable rights with 10 commandments to follow. This supersedes government dictates under common law, which is what we all live under.

Second, we have the opportunity to stand for what is right. Silence is consent. Do not stand for injustice. When people are allowed to go to the grocery store, liquor store, Walmart and big box stores, but not allowed to go to church, or small businesses, that’s not about your health. That’s about controlling where you can and cannot go. That’s why their rules don’t make sense… they need you to comply to their non-sensical rules and then they can enforce more.

Prepare yourself physically. Your power and water can be turned off and food supply chain can disappear. Hand pump well, power source and food will be needed if things get out of hand. Be a good boy scout and be prepared for emergencies.

This is actually first… Pray. God hears our prayers. James 5:16- The Prayer of Faith
15 And the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick. The Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail. 17 Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.

2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Lastly, we need to hold accountable, those people in places of authority who are perpetrating ill will on the people they are supposed to be caring for. There is much we can do. Please get familiar with the process in order to hold them to the high standards they swore to uphole.

The InPower Movement –

I know this is long, and if you’ve been curious enough, I trust you’ll have made your way through it. God Bless you as you seek to fully understand this world we live in 😀 ~Callie