I LOVE BEETS. Love them. You can eat both the root part and the top leaves, and to tell the truth, I like beet greens better than I like swiss chard, although, I love chards too!

Bulls Blood Beets and Beet Greens

The Bulls Blood beet is an heirloom variety, It is grown, as most beets are, for the greens as well as beet roots. The leaves are a deep red and somewhat sweeter than swiss chard. The young tops are quite pretty in salad mixes and tasty as well. The roots, as you can see from the picture are a deep scarlet red and are fairly uniform in size… about 2″ to 3″ in diameter. Harvest these wholesome flavoured beets when young for maximum sweetness when eating, or mature them for canning or pickling. It takes about 35 days for baby leaves and up to 58 days for a good sized root.

This is one of those varieties I buy a lot of just to can some for the winter. I didn’t get any done up over the last few years because I travelled for work, but this is the year I’m back to my garden!! These pretty little gems are going to take prominent place!

Did you know that people plant beets in flower beds for the beautiful foliage contrast?

I’m also going to be planting cylindical beets more for canning than for eating. They’re easier to cut up the size is better for preserving. These beets are also from Vesey Seeds in Prince Edward Island, Canada. One of my favourite places to buys seeds!

Cylindra Organic Beet

Here’s the description off the Vesey Seeds website for these beets…

Organic pickling beet. Cylindra’s long root is great for pickling, slicing and table use. These dark red roots grow to about 5”. Approx 70 days to maturity.

OK, that’s all on beets for today. Toodles for now! ~Callie