Growing flowers and arranging them into beautiful compositions is balm for my soul. It’s my passion, my hobby and eventually will be my job in retirement.

Having written a gardening column in my local newspaper for over 10 years, I have a lot of info I can share with you and perhaps it will be a help. One of the first articles I wrote in my column had to do with soil, and specifically what N-P-K was. I started writing my column when I worked in a garden center for a couple of years. There are always questions that you get asked over and over again and one of the most common questions revolved around soil health and what kind of nutrients plants primarily need. I’ll lay out a handy guide for you when choosing the types of fertilizers needed for specific plants. Look for the NPK info in The Lazy Gardener menu above for basic information on N (nitorgen) P (phosphorus) and K (potassium).

Another thing I’ll feature is growing information on flowers.. when to plant, whether they take sun or shade or are a favourite of deer or rabbits, and I’ll give some advice on companion planting with flowers in your vegetable garden.

Swiss Chard brings visual interest and deliciousness to a marigold flower bed.

Another question we got asked a lot about was the sun or shade question. I’ll cover that extensively as I highlight each individual variety. Bear with me as I develop the pages and draw the pictures of the beauty of God’s creation! You’ll find lots of pictures to feed your soul and inspire your creativity.

Toodles for now. ~Callie