I debated whether to set up a Shop or not, and if I should put it online, but a summertime injury and all the covid BS has made it impossible to take a job working for “the man”. So I’m gonna have to be “the man”.. or wo-man to be precise. I think most things can be shipped outside of Canada so if there is something you really want, message me and we’ll work out the shipping details.. For now, let’s have a looksee…

Mouse in the House $17 ea.
Black and White and a little bling seems to be all the rage this year. I have to admit.. the simplicity of it goes wonderfully with fresh greens and pinecones! $35 for local pickup. Produced by ‘The Lazy Gardener’
The shop features multiple regional vendors who produce all handmade items or do handmade embellishments.
Handmade ornaments and stockings
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
Small sock ornaments… so adorable! $5 Cdn ea.
Little blue sock ornaments
There is nothing like a fresh wreath with a pretty bow and some bling <3
I like Mouse in the House much better than pesky Elf on the Shelf. She doesn’t spy on ya!!
Little birch slice, hand painted ornaments.. so adorable! $6 ea
Wild Apple Jelly made with wild crabapple and ditch apple (from apple trees that grow in a ditch). The apple flavour is intense and no pectin or preservatives added!
Everyone needs a simple but elegant poinsetta wreath! $43 Cdn
The Bow says Merry Christmas!
Rustic Star sock ornament
Birch Bundles with your choice of Ribbon! $20
2020 feeling