Thyme is an ancient herb that many cultures have depended on, not only for culinary, but for medicinal and preservative uses as well.. Approved by the EPA in the fight against Corona virus!

If you’re running out of those chemical laden wipes and/or don’t like using bleach, there is a new kid on the block… Thymol.. and it’s an EPA approved cleaner.

The EPA has added three household cleaners containing the ingredient “thymol” to their list of approved corona virus effective products: Cleanwell Botanical Disinfectant Wipes, Cleanwell Botanical Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner and last but not least, Melaleuca Sol-U-guard Botanical disinfectant, (Cleanwell products appear to be out of stock at this moment so keep checking with them as that changes often, but Melaleuca is fully stocked as of this writing).

Thymol comes from herbs including thyme, basil and bee balm, and contains an antimicrobial oil comprised of a variety of natural chemicals, of which thymol is one. Thyme appears to have the highest concentration of thymol, thus the derivation of the name. According to Wikipedia, “The Blackfoot Native Americans recognized these plants’ strong antiseptic action, and used poultices of the plants for skin infections and minor wounds.

A tisane* (herbal tea/infusion) made from them was also used to treat mouth and throat infections caused by dental caries and gingivitis”. Thymol is less harmful to the environment than other chemical cleaners, and it kills germs without strong chemicals or harsh smells. Another interesting application is that it’s also used to kill mites and mold in beehives and is registered as a pesticide.

Sol-U-Guard’s disinfectant is one that combines thyme oil and citric acid to kill household germs. I personally use and prefer this product because I love the smell of undisguised thyme oil. It’s a powerful cleaner and doesn’t leave that chemical residue behind which is important if you suffer from allergies! It’s a concentrated cleaner that needs to be diluted with equal parts water and poured into a spray bottle before use. Melaleuca is an online shopping club that delivers right to your door within about 4-5 days… similar to Costco in that there is a small annual membership fee. Most Cleanwell products you can also order online or find at a local health food store. So not only are there EPA approved products to keep you and your family healthy, but with the non-toxic products you’ll often end up saving money as many are concentrated. With Melaleuca there is even an opportunity to earn some income if you so choose, It’s all Win Win in my opinion.

Seventh Generation disinfectant products, which are manufactured by Cleanwell, also use thymol as the active ingredient. Although these products are not directly included in the EPA’s list, they contain a similar formula as approved Cleanwell disinfectants and are likewise effective against coronavirus.

So, the EPA adding new household cleaners containing the ingredient “thymol” to their list of approved corona virus effective products, is very good news! We already know it’s important to sanitize our homes to help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens, and now that no longer means we have to use bleach or other harsh chemical-laden products. That’s a big relief for those who desire or need non-toxic products. It’s especially important to have that choice when you have young children crawling around on floors and putting things in their mouths.

As I read the Wikipedia page on Thymol I began to wonder why in the world I was just hearing about this now.. I’ve been a gardener my whole life and never came across this information before, however I have been aware of the health benefits of many, many herbs. Here is another excerpt from Wikipedia…

Thyme essential oil is useful in preservation of food. The antibacterial properties of thymol, a major part of thyme essential oil, as well as other constituents, are in part associated with their lipophilic character, leading to accumulation in bacterial membranes and subsequent membrane-associated events, such as energy depletion”. 😀

And also… “Thymol has been used in alcohol solutions and in dusting powders for the treatment of tinea or ringworm infections, and was used in the United States to treat hookworm infections. People of the Middle East continue to use za’atar, a delicacy made with large amounts of thyme, to reduce and eliminate internal parasites. It is also used as a preservative in halothane, an anaesthetic, and as an antiseptic in mouthwash.”

While giving the corona virus case update today (04-25-2020) Dr. Ezike said there have been increased calls to the Illinois Poison Control line over the last two days of people reporting exposure to chemicals. “Some recent examples include the use of detergent for a sinus rinse and gargling with a bleach and mouthwash mixture in an attempt to kill coronavirus,” Dr. Ezike said. A good dose of common sense goes a long way to preventing poisonings, however, having non-toxic products in your home is even better. (

New, independent research has linked national brand household cleaners to serious, permanent lung damage. This 20-year study found that using store-bought cleaning products as little as once a week can be as damaging as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day!!

So there you have it folks. Maybe it’s time to make the switch over to Non-Toxic products to protect your family, not only from viruses, but from chemical contamination as well.

Toodles for now!

* Tisane – A great explanation of what tisanes are and how to make them can be found on this website.

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