Tradition is Making a Comeback

You wouldn’t know it by watching the garbage on television, but traditional values and traditional lifestyles are making a comeback.. and in a big way! Need proof? Go to You Tube and type in ‘homesteading’ or ‘gardening for beginners’ or ‘tiny houses’, or ‘hobby farming’, or ‘raising chickens’, etc., etc. You will find thousands upon thousands of channels of people documenting their new journeys into a more rural lifestyle to simplify their lives and live more affordably.

People who have never gardened before are returning to the idea of growing their own food.

Backyard gardens are returning in full force. People who have never grown a garden before are now attempting to do so. Even those who live in apartments are experimenting with herbs and balcony container gardens. Community gardens now have waiting lists. People are finding ways to cut down on living expenses and if they can grow a lot of food and preserve it, that helps!

Along with the trend towards growing food, I’ve been watching the tiny house movement since the early 2000’s when Jay Schafers’ tiny little abode was featured on a You Tube channel. He founded the Tumbleweed Tiny House company and then Four Lights Tiny House Company to promote tiny house living. It was a “new” idea. Actually, it was a very old necessity back in our grandparents and great, great grandparents days. There was no such thing as mortgages. Houses were built by friends and families and they usually started out small and built in a way that they could be added onto later as the family expanded.

old historic house.. simple and functional

When I first came across the tiny homes on wheels, I thought they were a fabulous solution for those who couldn’t afford to purchase real estate or who didn’t want to enslave themselves with years and years of debt. I could see it as an ideal solution for young folks just starting out. I could also see the potential for mobility with tiny houses on wheels, especially for retirees here in Canada who wanted to go south for the winter. A tiny house is a financially achievable goal for a young single person or a retiree, as long as you keep it simple.

Since deciding several years ago to build a tiny house myself, I’ve had to do a LOT of research online and that’s when I noticed this amazing development. The tiny house movement has exploded exponentially and a HUGE “Back To The Land” and Homesteading trend has emerged amoung Millennial’s and older Gen Z’ers.

Back to the Land is do-able if you start small and build

The wealth created by the Baby Boomer generation has made it very difficult for the newer generations to afford the inflated real estate values within or close to urban areas. So it’s almost inevitable these new generations would revert to traditional values of bygone generations.. that being financial prudence and community building.

I became aware around 2007-08 that there was a deep rot within our financial systems. Previous to this, I was oblivious. I, like a huge number of people, found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. It seemed almost impossible to get rid of any amount of debt. Taxation and interest rates were slowly creeping upward and people were complaining more and more that they couldn’t afford electricity bills, groceries, and were cutting out vacations altogether. We all thought it was the ‘government’s fault’. Well, yes, in part it was but most of us just did not know that the financial systems in our country and around the world are all interconnected and designed to keep people poor and in despair. It was a real eye opener. The “Secret Dam” cracked open with Dave Ramsey’s revelations about getting out of debt, but Orrin Woodward took a sledge hammer to it and finished the job with “The Financial Matrix and How To Escape It” book in 2015.

Orrin revealed the most recent strategy in a long history of control by the “elites over an unsuspecting populace. This control at one time was exerted through the form of slavery, which was ownership of one individual by another. After slavery was overthrown, serfdom took over as the means of exploitation, which was the switch from ownership of the person, to ownership of the land instead, Thankfully, this too became largely obsolete as people moved from the land, as a way to survive, into the cities. For a period of about 400 years, people were relatively free from the elites control systems until they devised a new form of control involving a nearly invisible manipulation of the way people used money. It has become the modern equivalent of slavery and serfdom. “It is under this latest form of control that we all now live. The Financial Matrix, precisely because it is so hard to see and so difficult to understand, is a reality in the lives of almost everyone’s personal finances today. To be ignorant of it is a cost too high to pay.” ~Orrin Woodward.

The Financial Freedom menu on this site will take you to pages that explains more on how the debt system works, and what can be done to thrive despite its dodgy existence. There are many practical tips on how to free yourself from the slavery of debt and many principals you can implement to build wealth.

So the revealing of a corrupt financial system is striking a chord within millions of people. They are realizing that their financial struggles are by design so information to help them gain freedom financially is timely. This move to self-sufficiency and traditional ways is growing and it will continue to grow. When a population finds itself being strangled by government policies and corrupt financial systems siphoning their productive capacity, people instinctively seek a better way! Browse this site to discover steps you can take to gain your money back!

Toodles for now! ~Callie